Fats, oils and grease

Store it. Don’t pour it.

Pick up a FREE compostable cup at Spruce Grove City Hall, located at 315 Jespersen Ave., Public Works or the Eco Centre (limit one per person, while quantities last).

Fats, oils and grease includes food scraps, meat fats, lard, cooking oil, butter/margarine and sauces.

When poured down the drain, fats, oils and grease can block sewer lines and create backups. Backups can lead to basement flooding and sewage overflowing onto City streets. This property damage is expensive for the City and residents to fix.

You are responsible for a backup that happens on your property.

How to dispose of fats, oils and grease properly

Fats and grease:


Cooking oil:

How not to dispose of fats, oils and grease:

Frequently asked questions

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If washed down the drain or flushed down a toilet, fats, oils and grease can cause a build up in the sewer system, which may lead to basement flooding and sewage overflowing onto streets and surrounding areas. This can cause extensive damage that is costly to repair. When sewer pipes back up due to a blockage on private property, the homeowner or business owner is responsible for the cleanup.

Hot water and soap may remove fats, oils and grease from dishes but as they cool in temperature, they harden and stick to the walls of sewer pipes. This can create a build up that clogs the sewer lines, resulting in extensive property damage in your (or your neighbours!) home.

No. Your toilet is not a trash can. Wastewater from every toilet, shower, kitchen sink, dishwasher or bathtub is connected to a single sewer pipe leading away from your residence. Therefore, wastewater that contains fats, oils and grease will end up in the same sewer pipe.

Yes. Household cooking oil should be placed in a sealable container, labelled as cooking oil and taken to the Eco Centre. Please note: commercial quantities of cooking oil cannot be accepted at the Eco Centre. Do not pour cooking oil directly over other materials in your green organics cart.

Yes. Regardless of home type, all residents in Spruce Grove should properly dispose of fats, oils and grease.

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