We provide a wide range of services to the community, from enforcement and protective services to waste collection to facility rentals and public transportation.

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Spruce Grove Transit

Transit routes, schedules, maps and rate information.

Snow Removal

Learn about Spruce Grove’s snow and ice removal operations.

Garbage, Organics & Recycling

Waste collection schedule, waste-sorting app and recycling information.

Utility Accounts

If you are moving to Spruce Grove you need to set up a utilities account to pay for water services, solid waste collection and stormwater.


The City of Spruce Grove is committed to delivering a reliable and sustainable water service.

Facility Rentals

There are a variety of facilities that can be rented for events, celebrations and meetings, as well as sports and recreation use.

Emergency & Protective Services

Emergency contact numbers, safety tips and automated enforcement information.

Climate Change Action

The City of Spruce Grove is taking action in the area of climate change, and finding ways to both care for our environment and commit to fostering an environmentally sustainable community.


Report some of the most common non-emergency issues using the City's online reporting tool.

Online Services

Register for an Online Services account to access tax and utility accounts, view balances, sign up for e-billing, register for auto-withdrawal payments, and order tax certificates.

Construction Projects

Stay up to date on construction projects that are happening around Spruce Grove.

Infrastructure Use Permits

Construction activity on City of Spruce Grove property requires an Infrastructure Construction Approval Permit.

Building permits, development permits and inspections

Building and development activities in the City of Spruce Grove require a permit.

CityView: Permits, Licences and Inspections

Building and development activities in the City of Spruce Grove require a permit. Find out what permits you'll need before applying online in CityView.

Lot Grading

Learn about lot grading guidelines and requirements for builders and homeowners.

Street Sweeping

Residential street sweeping occurs every spring and fall in Spruce Grove.

Accessible Transportation Service (ATS)

Door-to-door transportation for Stony Plain and Spruce Grove residents with mobility or cognitive disabilities.

Fire Pit Permits

Guidelines for fire pit installation and booking inspections.


Location, hours, operations and maintenance information is available.

Pest Control Programs

Information on common pests and the methods the City uses to reduce their impact.