Utility Rates

Water and sewer rates 

As of January 1, 2020, the City of Spruce Grove will be billing at a rate of $6.085 per m3 (220 gallons) of water consumed. The amount of water consumed by your household may change during each billing cycle, and usually differs from one household to another.

Solid waste rates

Solid waste (garbage, recycling and organics) collection is billed monthly for each residential dwelling unit. Residents now have the choice between a regular or small sized black waste cart, rates are as follows:

  • Dwellings with a regular sized (240 litre) black waste cart are billed $28.50/month
  • Dwellings with a small (120 litre) black waste cart are billed $25.25/month

Interested in switching to a small black waste cart? Call 780-962-7584 or send an email. For details about waste collection, visit Garbage and Recycling.