Spruce Grove Transit

The City of Spruce Grove operates Spruce Grove Transit, which provides commuter transit service between Spruce Grove and Edmonton/Acheson, as well as local transit service within Spruce Grove. Due to the situation with COVID-19, face coverings are required on all Spruce Grove Transit routes, including both commuter and local service.

Commuter transit service

Commuter transit service is available weekdays on Route 560 and Route 561. The commuter connector shuttle service (Route 566 and Route 567) that connects transit riders from Harvest Ridge and Spruce Village/Greenbury to the commuter transit service during peak morning and afternoon hours has been temporarily suspended.

Local transit service

Local transit service is available on Route 568, which runs weekdays from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with service every 30 minutes, travelling in a counterclockwise direction around Spruce Grove.

Accessible Transportation Service

ATS offers door-to-door transportation for seniors (65+) and persons (16+) with mobility or cognitive disabilities. For more information on ATS, please visit the Town of Stony Plain's website .

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Spruce Grove Transit FAQs


Spruce Grove Transit is operated by the City of Spruce Grove under contract with Edmonton Transit Service (commuter transit) and Pacific Western Transit (local transit).

Funding for transit service is limited and the high cost of transit makes expansion a challenge; however, the City is continually looking at ways to improve the service and weekend service may be considered in the future, subject to council approval.

Riders are not able to transfer between the commuter buses and local service Route 568 without paying a separate fare. 

The 10-ticket booklets that expire on December 31, 2020 can be exchanged for a new 10-ticket booklet with an expiry date of December 31, 2022. Exchanges will be permitted until February 28, 2021. Only complete booklets of 10 tickets may be exchanged. No refunds will be provided. To arrange an appointment to exchange your 10-ticket booklet please call the City of Spruce Grove at 780-962-7597 or send an email to cashiers@sprucegrove.org

Commuter service

While the primary purpose of the commuter service is to provide service between Spruce Grove and Edmonton/Acheson, it is possible to ride a commuter bus from point to point within Spruce Grove and just pay the local fare. No transfers are issued and you are not able to get back on the commuter bus to travel into Edmonton (a new commuter fare would be required).

Local service

Our ability to provide local service is limited by the size of our fleet. We currently have three buses whereas a full local service network within Spruce Grove would require a fleet of eight buses or more. The City is starting with one route and will be monitoring the use of and demand for the service. Depending upon use of the local service, changes to routes or increased frequency may be added if warranted.

The current schedule is the best option to introduce local service within the budget that has been allocated. The City will be monitoring the use of the service, and will continue to engage with riders and residents to determine if the service need to be expanded in the future.

In order to keep the route a reasonable time and distance, it was decided to keep the route primarily on the north side of Highway 16A; however, depending on the use of local service, changes to routes, increased frequency or other options may be explored.

At this point, the City will be monitoring the use of Route 568 and the future development of local routes to determine if there is sufficient demand for a local service monthly pass. The City reviews it transit fare structure on a regular basis. 

The long-term plan is for all transit buses to be on the same real time transit apps that are currently in place. With a number of municipalities being set up on the same platform, resources to activate the systems are currently limited. The City will inform riders when this service is available for Route 568.

Yes, depending on available capacity. Seats can fold up to allow access for strollers and there is additional room in the front of the bus.

Yes. The bus has a retractable ramp that allows wheelchairs to roll easily into the bus.

No. Riders are not able to transfer between the commuter and local buses without paying a separate fare.

The City has contracted Pacific Western Transit to operate and maintain our local bus fleet. Pacific Western has extensive experience operating transit for a number of municipalities in Alberta.