Use the City’s online reporting tool SeeClickFix to report some of the most common non-emergency issues, such as missed waste collection, potholes, sidewalk issues, and litter. You can also use SeeClickFix to review existing problems that have previously been reported through the City’s website or the downloadable mobile app. Please be advised that issues regarding streetlights, utility boxes, and the railway should be reported to the appropriate service provider.

Using SeeClickFix

You can report an issue using the online portal below by following these steps:

  • Click the “New Request” button.
  • Drag the marker to the location of the issue or type the address and click “Confirm Location”.
  • Select a category.
  • Add an image to the complaint (this can help staff better understand what needs to be done to resolve the issue). If no image is available, click "No Photo".
  • Type a description of the issue and answer the questions on the page (the more information you can provide the better, as it will help us to assist with your complaint).
  • Choose how you wish to submit your request. You can submit as yourself or hide your identify, or, depending on the category, you can submit as a guest (you will not receive updates if you choose this option). Some categories, such as reporting missed waste collection, require you to have an account.
  • Once you have submitted a request, you will receive an email acknowledging your reported issue. Please note that while you can submit an issue 24/7, we respond to service requests during regular business hours. If your report comes in on a holiday, weekend, or after-hours, it will be read on the next business day. You can continue to check on the status of the issue online and can expect an email once the issue has been resolved.

Report issues using your smartphone

Users can also report issues to the City using the SeeClickFix app on their smartphone. You can download the app for your specific platform by following the corresponding link below. Follow the prompts from the app to install and setup on your device.

For technical support with the SeeClickFix platform (web or mobile), please contact technical support.

If the issue you need to report is not found in SeeClickFix, please refer to the "Reporting Other Issues" section below.

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Please note: While issues can be reported 24/7, SeeClickFix is not monitored 24/7 so for emergencies, call 911 or view the list of alternate emergency numbers.

SeeClickFix moderates all requests and reserves the right to edit or remove content violating terms of use .

Reporting other issues


The Alberta RCMP has a province-wide online crime reporting tool that provides residents in Spruce Grove, along with other Albertans, the ability to report some property crimes in a convenient and accessible way.

Contact Enforcement Services to register a complaint on issues related to municipal bylaws, traffic safety, and animal control. 



Request a streetlight repair via FortisAlberta's Streetlight Repair Map . Watch the online video tutorial  to learn how to use the map.



The utility box is the grey or green metallic stand-alone structure that is often found in residential areas, and maintains cable, telephone or power service. The company to call about problems can be found on the box itself. It could be one of either:



Did you know that railway tracks and crossing in Spruce Grove are the responsibility of CN? If you have questions, comments or concerns about a railway, please contact CN's Public Inquiry Line .

For emergency situations, or if you happen to witness any unlawful activity, crossing signal malfunctions or other safety concerns, please contact the CN Police .


If the issue you are reporting is not found in SeeClickFix or in the categories above, please contact the appropriate department to report it.