Each residence in Spruce Grove is provided with a green organics cart that can be used to collect food and yard waste. Green organics carts are collected on your regular waste collection day on a weekly basis from mid-April to mid-November and monthly, during the second full week of the month, from December to March.

Sort with Success

Not sure if an item can go in your green organics cart? Search for it here and learn if it can go in your green organics cart or if it has to go in your black waste cart or blue recycle bag instead.

Extra organic waste

If you have more organic waste than what fits into your cart with the lid completely closed, put your extra organics into compostable bags and place them beside your cart on collection day. You can also take extra compost (in compostable bags) to the Eco Centre.

Residents are also encouraged to practice grass cycling – leaving grass clippings on the lawn instead of bagging. This significantly reduces yard waste and retains moisture, reducing the need for watering.

The City also encourages resident to reduce their food waste. This means trying to avoid the over purchasing of food that is thrown out once it expires. Visit Love Food Hate Waste Canada   for some helpful tips on making the most out of the food we love! 

Get the most out of your green organics cart


To report a broken or damaged cart, or missed collection, please call 780-962-7584.