General municipal elections are held every four years. Spruce Grove voters elect one mayor and six councillors to a four year term. When a vacancy occurs, a by-election is held if there is more than 18 months before the next general election. City of Spruce Grove elections are regulated by the Elections Bylaw passed under the authority of the Local Authorities Election Act.

The Offices of Mayor and Councillor are elected at-large. This means that our Mayor and Councillors represent the entire population of the City of Spruce Grove, rather than a geographical ward as seen in larger municipalities like Edmonton or Calgary. The City of Spruce Grove does not compile a voter’s list. Instead, voters may vote at any of the specified voting stations within Spruce Grove. Voter eligibility and identification requirements will be posted in advance of any municipal election.

Elections for our local school boards, Parkland School Division and Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division Ward 2, occur on the same day as our municipal election. These elections are often facilitated by the City of Spruce Grove for voter convenience.

2021 Spruce Grove Municipal Election

The City of Spruce Grove's 2021 Election results are available online.