Paying Your Utility Bill

  Changes are coming to the utility billing cycle

What are the changes?

The City is adjusting the utility billing cycle to bring your water consumption information to you sooner. This will enable quicker detection of potential issues or water leaks before the next bill goes out. This transition will affect monthly billing and pre-authorized payment withdrawal dates.

How does this affect me?

For one time only you will receive two utility bills within a two week period. This is necessary to transition into the new billing cycle.

  • Bills mailed out on April 27, 2018, will reflect March water usage (under the old billing cycle).
  • Another bill mail-out will occur on May 10, 2018, and will reflect April water usage (under the new billing cycle). The bill sent on May 10 shows a balance due of both bills. It is NOT a double charge. 
  • We are committed to working with any customers who require support during this condensed billing period.

What if I am on a pre-authorized payment plan?

If you are signed up for pre-authorized utility payments, your payment withdrawal date will be changing to the first day of each month. Watch your mail for additional information regarding this change. Please see the following transition schedule for specific dates:

Bill date  Withdrawal date 
April 27, 2018 (March water usage) May 21, 2018
May 10, 2018 (April water usage) June 1, 2018
Subsequent bills First day of each month thereafter

Moving forward you can expect to receive your monthly utility bill within the first two weeks of each month and the bill will reflect the previous month’s water consumption.

  • Payments are still due upon receipt.
  • Pre-authorized withdrawals will automatically adjust to the first day of each month.
  • Your financial institution can advise you how your account will be affected when this date falls on a weekend or holiday.


Call: 780-962-7597

Payment Methods

Utility accounts are billed at the end of every month and are due upon receipt. You can pay your utility bill in one of the following ways.

Our convenient monthly automatic payment plan is an easy and effective way of ensuring your utility bill payment is never late. You will continue to receive a monthly bill that will include the statement "Do Not Pay - Automatic Withdrawal." The total amount due will be withdrawn from your bank account on the 21st day of the month in which the bill is issued. Please note that starting in June 2018, the date for automatic withdrawals will be changing to the first day of the month after the bill is issued

Customers whose accounts are not in arrears can apply for this option by completing a utilities preauthorization form, and attaching a void cheque or a direct debit form from your financial institution. 

Make your cheque or money order payable to "The City of Spruce Grove" and mail it to:

315 Jespersen Avenue
Spruce Grove, Alberta  T7X 3E8

Pay in person at City Hall, Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Your payment may also be deposited in the mail slot beside the main doors on the southeast side of City Hall (do not deposit cash).

We accept debit, cash, cheque or money order (payable to "The City of Spruce Grove"). Credit cards are not accepted for utilities payments.

Always include the remittance stub with your payment and record your account number on your cheque or money order to ensure that it is credited to the correct utility account.

Most financial institutions in Canada accept utility bill payments over the counter and through their bank machines. To avoid late payments and the associated fees, allow at least three to five business days for your bank to process your payment before the penalty date.

You may also use your financial institution’s telephone or internet banking services. Be sure to enter your current utility account number when using this method to ensure your payment is applied to the correct utility account.

Paying your City of Spruce Grove bills through your bank’s online service is quick and convenient. It's important to register your account numbers correctly so your payment is applied to the correct account. Follow the instructions below to register your accounts for online payments.

On your bank’s website:

  1. Locate the option that allows you to add or delete a payee for online payments.
  2. To select a City of Spruce Grove account, search only the words ‘Spruce Grove’. This combination has been shown to return the most consistent and accurate result.
  3. Select “Spruce Grove – Utilities.”
  4. Enter your 8-digit UTILITY ACCOUNT NUMBER found at the bottom right of your bill. (Some banks require you to include the decimal in the account number while others do not.)


Please call us at 780-962-7597 or email us   for assistance.