Blue Bag Recycling

Blue bags of household recyclables are collected every week on your regular collection day. There is no limit on the number of blue recycle bags that you can put out. Residents who do not have curbside collection can take recyclables to the Eco Centre at no charge. For more information, review the frequently asked questions, call 780-962-7584 or e-mail us  .

Sort with Success

Not sure if an item can go in your blue recycle bag? Search for it here and learn if it can be recycled or if it has to go in your waste or green organics cart instead.

Recycle Right

The following items CAN be placed in your blue recycle bag for collection.

  •  Plastic containers, tubs and bottles, but no lids or caps (e.g. detergent, condiment or shampoo bottles; margarine and yogurt containers; ice cream pails)
  •  Tin food cans (clean and in original shape)
  •  Magazines, newspaper, flyers and catalogues
  •  Office paper, envelopes, craft paper
  •  Books with front and back covers removed
  •  Wrapping paper (no foil), greeting cards (decorations removed)
  •  Boxboard (e.g. cereal, cracker, cookies, tissue boxes)
  •  Cardboard, flattened (60 cm by 1 m or smaller)

The following items CANNOT be placed in your blue recycle bag. These items must all go in your black waste cart.

  •  Plastic bags, film and wrap (e.g. grocery bag, food wrap, re-sealable bags)
  •  Glass, including jars
  •  Tetra Paks without deposit (e.g. soups, broth, liquid egg)
  •  Styrofoam (e.g. packaging material, meat tray, take-out containers)
  •  Small metal item (e.g. coat hanger, nails, broken household items)
  •  Plastic packaging from toys, food and household items (e.g. fruit and vegetable bags, cereal box liners, pet food bags, plant pots)
  •  Single use plastic items (e.g. cutlery, straws, coffee pods)
  •  To-go cups (e.g. drink cups, lids and straws – most paper coffee cups can go in the green organics cart)