June is E-roundup month in Spruce Grove! Spruce Grove residents are encouraged to drop off e-waste/unwanted electronics at the Eco Centre, located at 50 Diamond Ave., throughout the month of June for free. As part of Alberta’s Electronics Recycling Program, all e-waste will be taken to a Shanked Computer Recycling facility and destroyed through an e-shredding process. Once this shredding is complete, each unit will be carefully separated into piles of metal, plastic and glass, and recycled to make new products.

The City also hosted an E-roundup event on Saturday, June 16. Thank you to all who participated.

Why should I recycle e-waste?

It is important to dispose of e-waste properly because of the hazardous materials used to manufacture them. Even the most common electronics are made of substances like lead, mercury, cadmium and barium. When e-waste is disposed of improperly, these toxic substances can be extremely harmful to our health and the environment. 

Electronic products that will be accepted:

What if I cannot bring my items to the Eco Centre in June?

E-waste/unwanted electronics is accepted at the Eco Centre year-round. You can bring your items to the Eco Centre at any point during regular hours of operation for free.