Photo Radar Enforcement

The City of Spruce Grove uses automated technologies commonly referred to as "Photo Radar" to assist in the enforcement of speeding, red light infractions and stop signs at various locations located across the city. This system is reviewed on a regular basis to determine if it is meeting its goal of collision reduction and a reduction in severity of collisions.

Automated Traffic Enforcement is merely one facet of traffic safety used by the City of Spruce Grove. Collision and severity of injuries are monitored, along with trends, and targeted stationary and roaming enforcement is done by Community Peace Officers in marked vehicles. Covert speed monitoring is also completed to help identify high risk areas.


Automated Traffic Enforcement will be located at various approved locations within the city. Locations where Automated Traffic Enforcement is conducted is reviewed and approved on multiple levels, including the Justice & Solicitor General’s office. Areas where enforcement is focused on includes:

  • high collision locations
  • high-speed, multi-lane roadways
  • school and playground zones or parks areas
  • construction zones
  • areas where the public or community has expressed concerns related to speeding or other high risk driving behaviors

Review and Notification

Evidence capturing the violation is reviewed and verified by a trained Community Peace Officer before a violation ticket is prepared and mailed to the registered owner of the license plate.


Fines are set by the Province of Alberta and listed in the specified penalties listed in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Exceeding the speed limit or failing to obey posted traffic signs can have serious consequences. Here are just a few reminders of what you can do to make a difference:

  • Know the limit and drive the limit
  • Continually glance at your speedometer and adjust your speed to traffic and weather
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs
  • Allow enough time to reach your destination
  • Always maintain a safe following distance
  • Personally commit to driving safely and to not speed