Land Subdivision

Every application for subdivision approval shall be made by means of a proposed plan of subdivision if:

  1. A parcel is to be subdivided into more than two (2) lots;
  2. Public roadway or reserve land is required to be provided; and
  3. The subdivision approving authority or a Registrar requires the registration of a plan of subdivision.

The material describes those items of information required to accompany an application for subdivision. This information is required in accordance with Section 4 of the Subdivision and Development Regulation and the Information Requirements of the City of Spruce Grove. 

Seven (7) subdivision application forms in hard copy format and one (1) electronic copy in PDF formant must be submitted. At least three (3) application forms must be originals and the remaining four (4) forms may be legible photocopies. These forms must be signed by the registered owner(s) of the land that is the subject of the application or an authorized person who is acting on behalf of the registered owner(s).

If a company or individual is the owner of the said land under an agreement for sale as indicated by caveat on the back of the Certificate of Title, please submit a copy of the registered caveat along with your subdivision application.

If the registered owner is a numbered company, named company, corporation, limited company, or any other firm which has directors and/or shareholders, the names of the directors and shareholders along with the registered mailing address of the firm must accompany the application by submitting to the City of Spruce Grove a copy of the computer printout prepared by the Corporate Registry of Alberta.

One (1) completed authorization form signed by the registered owner(s). This form is required only if the application is being submitted by a person other than the registered owner(s). Please note that in those instances where an Alberta Land Surveyor is making application on behalf of a developer that has an option on the title and land, this office also requires a written authorization from the developer to the surveyor.

One (1) up-to-date copy of the current Certificate of Title or an up-to-date Land Title Search. This office does not accept the duplicate Certificate of Title or copies of same.

The copy of the current Certificate of Title or Land Title Search can be obtained through any Alberta Registry. It can also be purchased through a self serve service online at Spin II.

Seven (7) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy in PDF format of a key plan to a scale of approximately 1:4800. The plan is to cover a minimum area of approximately 350 meters around the proposed subdivision.

The applicant / owner may be required to provide satisfactory data in the form of a qualified consultant’s report, with respect to the following:

  1. The availability and method of providing the proposed area of subdivision with a suitable and satisfactory supply of potable domestic water and the arrangements satisfactory to the municipality concerning the maintenance of such a system after installation.
  2. The intended method of providing sewage disposal facilities to each of the proposed parcels within the proposed subdivision and the arrangements satisfactory to the municipality that have been made by the applicant as to the maintenance of such a system after installation.
  3. Proposed methods of handling surface drainage for the subdivision area and any other land area that may be affected by the proposal.
  4. Arrangements made to effect the collection and disposal of solid waste within the area proposed to be subdivided.
  5. Arrangements respecting the availability of fire protection in regard to the land proposed to be subdivided.
  6. Where a stormwater impoundment area is involved, information must be submitted as to the dedication of reserve or utility lands in and around the area.
  7. Where applicable, written evidence is to be provided from a school authority indicating whether accommodation is available for the use of families to be resident with the proposed subdivision.

Seven (7) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy in PDF format at a minimum scale of 1:2000. These plans shall be folded to a ledger size (11 x 17). These plans shall show:

  1. The location, dimensions and boundaries of the existing parcel of land to be subdivided, showing the location of existing services on the property proposed to be subdivided.
  2. The area of the subdivision proposal which the applicant proposes to register in the Land Titles Office.
  3. The location, area and proposed dimensions of each new lot to be created, the reserve land, if any, roads and points of access to all the proposed lots.  The proposed lots and blocks are to be numbered.  Streets shall be identified as such.
  4. Contour information (may be required) at an interval of 1.5 meters is to be superimposed over the tentative plan, and the contour data is to be related to a geodetic datum where possible.
  5. The location, dimensions, numbers, names and other designations of any:
    • highway,
    • secondary road,
    • public roadway,
    • right-of-way of each public utility, and other rights-of-way on or in the immediate vicinity of the land to   be subdivided.
  6. The location, siting and plotting of natural and man-made physical features, such as:
    • water bodies
    • major drainage ditches
    • gravel working and/or clay pits
    • water holes
    • agricultural land (land under cultivation)

      Natural features such as:
    • sloughs and/or other bodies of water
    • rivers, creeks and intermittent streams
    • muskeg or swamp
    • organic area
    • subsidence information on valley banks
    • top of bank
  7. Development - The location, use and dimensions of all existing buildings or structures on the land to be subdivided and specifying those buildings that are proposed to be demolished or moved.
  8. An overall concept plan for the neighbourhood depicting how the proposed development fits in with existing and future development. If there are buildings located on the land being subdivided a Real Property Report will be required.

The applicant shall identify reserve area(s) in accordance with Section 17 of the Subdivision and Development Regulation.

One (1) completed right-of-entry agreement either permitting or refusing the right-of-entry for a site inspection by an authorized person from the City of Spruce Grove.

An overall concept plan for the neighbourhood depicting how the proposed development fits in with existing and future development.

It is the responsibility of the developer or landowner (proponent) of the proposed subdivision to obtain abandoned well information from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).  This information can be obtained from the AER's Abandoned Well Viewer available on the AER website.

The Subdivision Approving Authority will require the following information when a subdivision application is made within the City of Spruce Grove.

  • The subdivision application, except for lot line adjustments, must include documentation from the AER identifying the presence or absence of abandoned wells. 
  • If an abandoned gas or oil well is identified on the land that is the subject of the subdivision application, the applicant must include a map that shows the actual well location, as identified in the field, and the setback established in the AER Directive 079 in relation to existing or proposed building sites.
  • The proposed subdivision area shall be shown on the map obtained from AER whether there is a presence or absence of abandoned wells.

Completed confirmation of absence of abandoned wells form.

Pursuant to Section 4 (5) of the Subdivision Development Regulation, additional information may be required.

Upon approval of subdivision there will be an endorsement fee for the final plan or instrument as indicated on the current schedule of fees. This fee includes the remnant parcel. Those lots designated on the plan as reserve lots or public utility lots are exempt from these fees.


Fees are as per Development Fees and Fines.


Call 780-962-7582 or send email if you have any questions.