Social Sustainability Plan

The City of Spruce Grove is a growing community with a strong commitment to providing our residents with an exceptional quality of life. This involves everything from waste collection and snow removal to parks and playgrounds to social support programs and services. At the core of everything we do is the people who live here - our residents who have chosen to make Spruce Grove their home. We are welcoming thousands of new people to our community each year and while we welcome that growth, we also need to take proactive steps to ensure Spruce Grove continues to be a great place to live, work and play.

On May 24, 2016, Spruce Grove City Council was presented the City of Spruce Grove's Social Sustainability Plan. The plan allows the community to anticipate and respond to the changing social needs and capacities that result from a rapidly growing community. See an overview of the plan.

What is a social sustainability plan?

Social, or community, sustainability focuses on the links and connections between the economy, the environment and society and how they can work together to achieve long-term prosperity and continued quality of life for present and future residents. A social sustainability plan examines those connections, identifies local values, social issues and capacities, and develops goals, including steps to achieve those goals, to meet the needs of residents and help them prosper in a supportive and healthy environment.

The intent of the plan is to ensure a policy structure and strategies are in place to anticipate and respond to changing social needs in a rapidly growing community. This plan will help the City identify and address social issues as they arise, ensuring the health and resiliency of residents and the larger community.

In developing a social sustainability plan for Spruce Grove, the City's other strategic, corporate and community planning frameworks will be reviewed to ensure a comprehensive and collaborate approach is achieved.

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