TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre and City welcome new outdoor rink to community

January 8, 2019

We are excited to announce the opening of the newest outdoor rink in Spruce Grove, located at the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre. This new facility is the result of a partnership between the City of Spruce Grove and the TLC.

Over two years ago the City of Spruce Grove identified that the west side of the city needed an outdoor rink. After researching several locations, it was decided that the field beside the TLC would be the best choice.

"We are thrilled to have this new amenity in our community and are pleased to transition the management of the rink to the TLC," says Paul Feser, Manager of Recreation with the City of Spruce Grove. "The location is ideal for residents on the west side of Spruce Grove to access, while also complementing the other amenities at the TLC."

“Working with the City has been great, we have an established partnership with regards to recreation that works really well for residents of the community and the region”, says Lenny Richer, General Manager of the TLC. “We are excited to operate this new facility, which will be available for skating and shinny in the winter, then will transition to basketball and pickleball in the summer.”

Even before the rink was completed, a longstanding community supporter, Myshak, had stepped up as naming sponsor.

“The Myshak Group of Companies was very excited for the opportunity to continue supporting the growth of our community and attach our name to this incredible facility. This outdoor rink will be another great gathering place for years to come,” said Shelby Gartner, Myshak’s Marketing Coordinator.

On January 20 the City and the TLC will be co-hosting a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting event. Bring your skates and join us from 1:30-3:30 PM.