Recommended Corporate Plan 2022-2024 Meeting Highlights

November 19, 2021

Members of Council participated in a three-night Committee of the Whole meeting November 8-10 to review the 2022-2024 Recommended Corporate Plan. This year’s plan is centred on two main themes: Investing in the Community and Investing in the Municipality. It proposes continued investment in the community that will allow for a sustainable approach to supporting residents and businesses as the city navigates from recovery post-pandemic and into the future.

Throughout the meetings, members of Council were also clear on the needs articulated by the community that they heard during the election, such as customer service, traffic noise reduction and fiscal sustainability. Council will have the opportunity as part of the corporate planning process to provide strategic direction to Administration on these priorities, as well as others, moving forward. 

“The creation of this three-year Corporate Plan is an incredible collaborative process throughout the entire organization,” says Mayor Jeff Acker. “It involves detailed planning and forecasting, internal Administration expertise, and direction from City Council that all come together to lay the foundation of our growth plans.”

“The 2022 Budget sets out how City Administration proposes to continue balancing investments with our growth rates to ensure continued program and service delivery,” says City Manager Dean Screpnek. “Administration attempted to balance pressures on the community along with the needs of the municipality by investing in key areas that support ongoing growth and development.” 

Committee deliberated on these proposed investments and provided feedback to Administration on what to include in the final Corporate Plan to be presented for Council vote on November 29. Budget highlights within this plan include:

  • A fully-funded 10-year Capital Plan.
  • Support for business cases and capital project profiles that directly invest in the community, including continued work on the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan, starting the process of updating the Municipal Development Plan, and investment in social and economic programs and services.
  • Proposed municipal tax increase:
    • 2.9% to be used to address investments in the community and municipality that require ongoing funding.
    • 1.0% dedicated to fund repair, maintenance and replacement costs to effectively care for the City’s assets over the long term.
    • Continuation of the property tax rate split shift, which is used to create more equity between residential and non-residential (businesses and industrial properties) taxpayers. Within a municipality’s tax structure, residential and non-residential ratepayers pay different rates on assessed value. Non-residential ratepayers will see a slight increase in their rates due to this shift; however, non-residential taxpayers in Spruce Grove will continue to pay a lower rate than the provincial average. This increase will also fund the repair, maintenance and replacement costs of City assets.
  • Proposed increases to utility fees and charges.
    • Water and sewer: $1.74 monthly increase to residential ratepayer (2% increase). This increase reflects rate increases from the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission
    • Storm: $4.20 monthly increase to residential ratepayer (total cost/month increases to $11.50 for small customers)
    • Solid waste: no planned increase
    • Electric franchise fee: no planned increase
    • Natural gas franchise fee: no planned increase

The Recommended Corporate Plan, recorded meetings, and meeting agendas can all be found on the City’s website. The final Corporate Plan 2022-2024 will be presented for approval on November 29, 2021, and will be shared online once approved.