Allied Arts Council and City pleased to announce artists for Cumbria Centre mural project

July 21, 2021
Artwork for the new mural on the Cumbria Centre, located in central Spruce Grove at 93 McLeod Avenue.
Artwork for the new mural on the Cumbria Centre, located in central Spruce Grove at 93 McLeod Avenue.

The Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove and the City of Spruce Grove are excited to announce the artists who will be creating a new mural on the Cumbria Centre, located in central Spruce Grove at 93 McLeod Avenue.

Following a public call for artists that brought in 30 submissions, Lacey Jane Wilburn and Layla Folkmann of Lacey and Layla Art have been selected to add this new piece of public art to Spruce Grove. The internationally known pair have produced murals that are located across the world, from Roger’s Place and Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, to Honduras, France and Northern Uganda.

The call asked for “Bright, Colourful and Modern Nature” and Lacey and Layla’s piece captures that perfectly. Titled “A Charm”, which is the name for a flock of hummingbirds, the design is a celebration of Mother Nature’s beauty through realistic descriptions of this illustrious creature that makes its home in Alberta. By integrating graphic natural elements, such as the honeycomb and wild rose, the mural will bridge contemporary urban aesthetics with monumental classical realism. Combined together with colour and energy, this mural will can act as an homage of this city’s commitment to natural wonder, and the spirit, resilience and charm of Spruce Grove.

 “For 40 years the Allied Arts Council has been bringing art and beauty to Spruce Grove,” said Executive Director Rebecca New. “We are so excited to work on this project and be supported by the City of Spruce Grove. It’s going to be a thing of beauty for years to come.”

“City Council is so proud to be able to support initiatives like this in our community, and we are thrilled to be adding a new piece of public art to Spruce Grove,” said Mayor Stuart Houston. “We are excited to welcome Lacey and Layla Art to our city and their incredible mural will truly connect with and represent the beautiful nature that we enjoy across our entire community. We’d also like to recognize the important work of the Allied Arts Council, and we were pleased to work alongside them throughout this process.”

“Our approach to the Cumbria Centre project will be to respond to this unique flourishing community and its geographical location. By working with inspiration taken from nature and a vivid and harmonious colour palette, our design will activate this community space by engaging this structure with movement and vibrancy,” said Lacey and Layla in their submission. “Our work contributes to lively and activated urban spaces through our consideration of strategic viewing of near and far distances, colour and contrast, luminosity and realism. This distinctive framework of design and creative interest will establish itself as a site-specific work that enhances the connectivity of Spruce Grove residents, and serve as a stunning wayfaring landmark within this lively community.”

Work on the mural is expected to begin around July 22. For more information on Lacey and Layla Art visit or check them out on Instagram at @laceyandlaylaart.

Progress for the mural will be shared on Instagram at @allied.arts.council and @laceyandlaylaart or online at