Social Media Terms of Engagement

The City of Spruce Grove makes use of several social media platforms. We welcome your comments and invite you to contribute and engage with us. Please be civil and respectful to others when using any of our platforms. In order to ensure the conversation is a positive experience and remains in good taste, we will not engage in conversations of the following nature and reserve the right to remove content as follows:

The City of Spruce Grove is not responsible for any use of material posted by users. We reserve the right to modify the terms of engagement at any time.

The City of Spruce Grove social media platforms are not intended to be official records of public opinion on topics that are reviewed by City Council. Interested parties are encouraged to participate in a council meeting for this purpose.

The City of Spruce Grove social media channels are also not intended to promote specific businesses in Spruce Grove, outside of those that are affiliated or managed by the City, or those that are considered major tourist attractions.